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The Black Hen



Leo has cut a deal with the duplicitous Merlot, to learn the presumably impossible art of bringing someone back from the dead in exchange for his blood. As Ollie and Avery discover where the answer lies to restoring spiritual balance, Mitch abandons them and returns home, only to find that he can’t outrun his past. As the hour to complete the Union of Divine Dualities draws near, Merlot endeavors to synthesize a substance that will augment her powers beyond the limits of witchcraft, to ensure a global monopoly through the use of one of man’s most dangerous tools—politics. As she aims to destroy witches around the world, Leo, against Merlot’s counsel, attempts to summon an unpredictable spirit to aid in necromancy, but can drain a witch of their power, and accidentally sets it free. As the future of both humans and witches becomes uncertain, the coven must use all they’ve learned to survive, while the one who is pure of heart must conjure the mystifying black hen—the key to finding the rafkolite and satisfying their prophesied goal. What was haunted becomes strength, what was old becomes new, and a world comes full circle.

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A remarkably deep and accurate understanding of ritual magic, nature mysteries, generational trauma and ancestral power weaves deftly throughout Ryan’s writing. In this book, the culmination of the series, his characters confront their gifts in ways that any practitioner can relate to: messy and meaningful, harmful and hopeful, complex and courageous. Fighting dark adversaries, while wrestling the darkness within themselves, they learn that in the modern world of the witch, anything is possible."

Patrick English, Shamanic Practitioner


A wonderfully imagined and gripping conclusion to the Esoteric Alchemy trilogy. The Black Hen is an intense ride rich with all the magic, character growth, and twists that make Kurr's books impossible to put down."

—Sarah Day, author of Ora and the Old God

“With The Black Hen—Ryan Kurr's Esoteric Alchemy series is complete. He beautifully brings our beloved coven members full circle in his unique and magical way of telling their adventurous journey to create balance in the world and to find themselves.”

—Sandra Szatkowski, Owner of Merenwen's Runes

The Black Hen is beautifully written, creative and imaginative. Its energy and pace will have you captivated right from the start. Kurr’s insight into human nature is taken to new depths through his character portrayal and the life choices these characters make. The attention to detail is absorbing. He is a master of the written word, his knowledge of witchcraft, and the human soul. An inspired end to a magical trilogy and powerfully thought-provoking. All three books are a must-read on everyone’s must-read list.

—Laura O’Rourke, Witches Magazine

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