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Sage, Smoke & Fire



The world has fallen out of energetic balance. In the Deep South there is a remedy that is both powerful and dangerous—witches.

At the peak of summer, Nina is living a fast-paced life in New York City. But when the earth’s gravitational pull activates a gene—making her and a few others capable of magic—she is called to duty in southern Louisiana to lead a coven of witches and restore balance to the world through magic. By autumn, witches are turning up dead and she has but one choice—defend the coven. And when she witnesses extraordinary powers beyond those of any known witch, Nina sets out on a magical quest through the dark and sultry swamps, voodoo shops, right-wing churches and alternate planes of consciousness to uncover the source of the dangerous gifts; all while trying to create peace not just within the coven, but with the people who knew her in the life she left behind.

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"I snagged Sage, Smoke & Fire as an ebook first, and after the first chapter, I knew I needed the physical copy. I have a love for witchcraft, books set in the South (it’s home, what can I say?), and vibrant characters—this book has many!"

—Sarah Day, author of Ora and the Old God


"It's a rare gift for an author to write with such skill as to instantly transport a reader into a well-crafted story -- moving through time and space with ease...This author's ability to craft a tale that holds the reader's attention reminds me of the types of fiction books that have done so for me in the past -- the works of Anne Rice, Gordon Merrick, and Jim Butcher. It manages to weave the real-world of witchcraft, voudoo and esotericism into the story without getting cheesy or pop-culture, and as a lifelong witch, I was grateful to see such accurate representation, without sacrificing the artistic license needed for writing a good story."

Frederick Salvato, Amazon Customer Review

"Wonderfully mysterious, truly immersive & transporting - this is a lovely start to what looks to be an exciting and expansive series of books. You can see, feel, smell, and eat (literally, there are recipes!) the witchy Louisiana of this writer’s world. Netflix or HBOMax, are you taking notice?"

—Max Bever, Goodreads Reviewer

"A magical journey of the mind. This book was a page-turner, straight from the beginning! An excellent blend of characters and storylines. It was very easy to immerse myself in this book, and almost imagine myself right there in Louisiana, with all of the characters!!"

—Mary E. Chapman, Amazon Customer Review

"Rival covens, an unknown threat, personal obstacles, - just a few of the situations the main character must overcome as she discovers she has magical powers and is given a coven in the deep south to lead. Murders and mystery abound as the world teeters on the edge of chaos. Well-written, atmospheric book, that draws you in and holds the interest throughout. An all round great read for magic lovers everywhere! A sequel? I can only hope so!!"

—BrooksBjur — Amazon Customer Review

"A very detailed story featuring modern-day witches who seek to restore balance to the world, Sage, Smoke & Fire is set in New Orleans. Their magic is not without danger, and as the new witches begin to explore their powers, there are some unintended consequences...I liked the concept of this story, the way it was presented, and the author’s take on how magic works in his world. It was clear he did a lot of research for this novel...It’s worth taking the time to digest, because the rest of the story was quite compelling, and the story continued to get better as the book progressed. Every character had their own unique role to play, strengths, and weaknesses that made them feel realistic. As a side note, I liked the addition of the recipes at the end of the book. That was a neat touch, and one I haven’t seen before in a novel. If modern-day witches and urban fantasy are your thing, check out Smoke, Sage & Fire."

—A.J. Calvin, author of Hunted

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