Ryan Kurr is an author, pastry chef, massage therapist, and mystic practitioner. Sage, Smoke & Fire, the first book in the series, reached the #1 Best Seller spot in the LGBT Fantasy genre on Amazon. His debut memoir, Sugar Burn: The Not So Hot Side of the Sweet Kitchen, was released in 2015. His freelance work on spiritual and metaphysical witchcraft has been published by Witches Magazine. He has lived in Minneapolis, Scotland, San Francisco, Iceland, Chicago and currently lives in New Orleans.

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Sage, Smoke & Fire

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Stemming from 13 pages of notes taken in 2014, Sage, Smoke & Fire, the latest title from Ryan Kurr is a departure from his previous work. His debut fiction novel is a story of witchcraft and magic in the Deep South.

On October 13, 2020, "Sage, Smoke & Fire" reached the #1 Best Seller list in the LGBT Science Fiction & Fantasy category on Amazon.

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"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

Roald Dahl

From best-selling author Ryan Kurr, comes the second installment in the Esoteric Alchemy series. "Powdered Oak & Seven Metals" revisits the coven in their new home in Nova, Colorado. As they continue to restore balance...their bond begins to unravel. A story of discovery, trauma, loss, and the consequence of choice, through the lens of witchcraft. Watch the official book trailer below.

"Powdered Oak & Seven Metals" Book Trailer


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